ICCC services

We are committed to promoting bilateral trade and commerce relations between Israel and Canada.

The Israel-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) is a non-profit organization that brings together businessmen and companies committed to promoting trade and economic relations between Israel and Canada.

We provide consulting, business assistance, business representation, events promotion, and more.

  • Consulting and providing relevant business information to Canadian, and Israeli businessmen, companies and entrepreneurs.
  • Assistance in creating a business network and establishing initial infrastructure for businesses of different scale in Canada and Israel.
  • Representation of the economic relationship between Israel and Canada at different national and international events.
  • Organization, initiation and support of relevant conferences.
  • Hosting and supporting Canadian-Israeli economic delegations in both countries.
  • Promoting and advertising companies and organizations that are interested in being a part of bilateral cooperation between Canada and Israel.
  • Fostering representativeness and credibility between the businessman/entrepreneur and Canadian/Israeli companies and institutions.
  • Sharing contacts to build a strong community and a vast business network in order to increase business opportunities.

Hand-shaking project

The Hand-shaking project aims to strengthen and expand Israeli-Canadian bilateral commerce by supporting Israeli companies to establish business relations in Canada and supporting Canadian companies to establish business relations in Israel.

The project includes:

  • Distributing companies profile to our contacts who do their best to help in opening doors and establishing business relations in Canada and Israel.
  • Matching a Canadian escort to the Israeli company to help penetrate to the Canadian market
  • introduction to companies looking for products from Israel
  • Linking to companies that specialize in market research and business partner detection.
  • Assistance in capital raising.
  • Information on Canadian companies operating in Israel.

To join the project please fill out a company profile form and submit to the ICCC.